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Rest in Him this Christmas

In the Scriptures we read accounts of about 50 days of Jesus’ public ministry. Everything we know of him happened in those few dozen days! He feeds the 5,000 AND walks on water within 24 hours (Mark 6). In Mark 1, in one day, he rebukes a demon, instructs a crowd, heals Peter’s mother-in-law, heals diseases, casts out demons and then spends the evening with “the whole town gathered at the door.” (v. 33)​ Talk about a guy with a lot going on!
My hope, as we approach Christmas break and a new year, is that you’d be able to pull away from the busyness of your day-to-day work and seek the Father. I know you’ll find Him in His Word, in prayer and in precious fellowship with old friends. You might also see Him in Christmas-morning smiles, in the quiet hush of a candlelit church or on a long walk alone in His creation. If Jesus needed those moments, surely we do, too.
Because here is the other truth we know: In Mark 1:37, the disciples went looking for Jesus and they were all off to the next Galilean town full of people in need. That moment will come for us all too quickly, and we’ll be racing through days ni 2019. But, for now, let’s seek the fullness that comes from resting in Him. 
- excerpts from Monday Morning YL E-mail titled Sharp Turns, written by Josh Griffinm, Vice President of Strategy, Young Life

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